Servers switches routers

Latest technologies to provide you with the best only. Either New or Refurbished we can work with any budget.

With our partners we can fulfill any equipment needs and provide our customers with excellent know how and over 20 years of experience.

Our company specializes and use server from companies like Dell, HP but we can work with any brand name companies.

We will calculate your needs, taking under consideration the growth of you business

Our expertise in implementing hardware for Windows and Linux Servers and workstations is backed up by years of experience.

Servers & Workstations

We specialize in refurbished equipment. This saves a customer a lot of money and still get the best equipment for the client requirements

Switches and Routers

CISCO, HP or less known manufactures produce any equipment that SOHO or small business would need. Just let us know what are your need and we will find the best industry can offer for an excellent price.

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Printers and Scanners

Affordable office equipment like Printers or Scanners. Do you need solution for paperless management then look no further. We can setup your office so that all paper data will be scanned and stored then backed up to the secure Cloud Servers.

Media Services

Do you need your existing data scanned and digitized. Please talk to us and we will create a plan on how to migrate your data to the electronic form. Pictures, old movies, documents all can be digitized.

Online Store

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