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We service all brands. Desktops, Laptops Tablets and all peripherals like printers, scanners etc. We specialize in Microsoft products but we service Apple and Third Party Clone products. With over 20 years experience we can provide support for Legacy Product and as well for latest Operating Systems and IT Technologies. Fully certified with the latest industry certifications and experience we can handle any job utilizing Cloud Service, Virtualization and Cyber Security platforms and technologies.


Home Computer Services

We provide full range of Home Computer Services. We use fixed price structure so you are never surprise about the bill. We are providing two levels of service: Bronze $149.00 and Gold (if we cannot fix it with Bronze Level)$179.00. Service levels apply only to software issues like Virus Removal or repair of Windows OS or MAC iOS. All hardware repairs are charged by the hour plus material (upgrades for example).


Designed for computers that are infected by Spy-Ware or Viruses, have corrupted software or are slow and not responsive. This level can be used for almost 70% of the problems.

Our technicians will evaluate the issue and will inform the customer if the computer can be fixed using this level.

Please read our Q and A to learn why the computer doesn’t qualify for that level and the only way to fix it would be to use the Gold Level.

Services provided by Bronze Level include Spy-Ware and Virus cleanup, basic computer optimization, PC cleanup, Anti Virus software re-installation.

You can use our DROP OFF and PICKUP at our location using secure Drop Box. Below you will find the information on  how to leave the computer at the BOX

Computer Services

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Computer Consulting

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IP Telephony

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Media Services

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